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so i usually don’t talk about this stuff because it’s a tender subject for me but I think that the situation is far enough in the right direction that I feel comfortable talking about it

on my birthday, I heard my mothers voice for the first time since November. this was a really intense thing for me because for the past three years, my family has been dealing with the fact that she is an addict. I don’t know what happened, I guess she just kind of lost her way after my sisters and I graduated. she became this whole other person that I didn’t want to associate with. we tried our best to get her help. she went to rehab probably 3 different times and left after a few days without even telling us. it was awful.

so, when I found out back in November that she was living with my aunt and was clean, I was stoked. we went and visited her and although she seemed really healthy and better off, something seemed off. I wasn’t surprised when I went out to visit again at Christmas time and found out that she had ran off and relapsed. I watched my sister break down and cry because she put so much faith on our mom getting better.

between then and now, I didn’t once hear from my mother. at one point, her boyfriend called me and talked a bunch of shit and it was really weird to me. so when my sister told me that my mom was in rehab again, I didn’t really feel anything. this was something that I had dealt with before. that changed when she called me on my birthday. she sounded happy. she sounded like my mom again, the same mom that took care of me when I was sick and took up for me when the world was against me. she owned up to her bad actions. she talked to me so enthusiastically about everything.

she has been in rehab for about a month now. they’re going to be moving her to a halfway house soon, where she’ll stay for another two months or so. I guess she got into some sort of program meant specifically for people like her that used to be these awesome people and just took a wrong turn. the thing i like about this most is; she has to complete treatment or else she has to pay every single dime it cost to get her clean. she 100% has to do it. she cannot wiggle her way out of it this time. I finally might have my mother back. things will never be exactly the same. she ruined that. but it’s better than not having her at all.

idk I know you guys don’t give a shit but this is really important to me and I’m v emotional about it.